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Warm woolen knitted sweater – free pattern from DROPS designs

by Cupri

Hello, my name is Martyna and I am a Scandinavia style addict. I’ve always had this sweater in my imagination and I was sure I will either have it or make it and then…

About the pattern

I went shopping and saw prices for cardigans and pullover sweaters. What the heck?! Most of them had beautiful design but were made out of acrylic and costed more than a Lama people make real woollen yarn from :D Then, someday when I was scrolling through Raverly  library I found this beauty:

It’s a free pattern called September sweater from DROPS design! FREE? Say no more – I’m making it!

 Since I loved original grey and burgundy colors I was sure I’m gonna use yarn the pattern calls forDROPS Lima. Here you can check out this project’s site on my Raverly page. I highly recommend checking out Garn studio’s library. Most of them are free patterns in various languages!

Knitting my first sweater

It was my first sweater to knit and I was intimidatted at first but with help of my sis-in-law (who by the way has bought the yarn for me as a „birthday sweater to make” ) I figured out what is going on and were. What I hate in knitted objects are stiff cuffs and sewing. I’ve decided to change cast on for an Italian cast on method and guess what – I had to learn it cause that was also my first time using it. It’s so much fun to cast on ! I highly recommend it if you are struggling with getting your hands through the cuffs or if your socks turn out to be sqeezing your calws.

 What do you avoid while working on your projects? Let me know down below how do you solve those issues !

Make knitting easier

Next change I’ve made was little white hearts running through the body of the sweater. I made the body streight grey and added white stiches afterwords. This made it quicker to knit and the hearts turned out to be sticking out, making the whole detail pop. Also I made the collar a little bit shorter because my intention was to pair this sweater with a white shirt.

  • What project has been the most important one for you yet? Have you have on your mind for the longest time or was it just a stroke of an awesome pattern you saw and you “just had to make it”? 
  • If you have any comments or questions about my journey with this sweater please hare them below :) 


Photos kindly brought to us by ♥ Dzyńska



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