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DIY watch band

by Cupri

I have bought a watch for my mom and it turned out to have a band that’s too short. I decided to make her a new one. Good memories came back when I used to make friendship bancelets. Since I am facscinated by macrame artwork I have chossen this technique and today I’m gonna show you how to make a watch band by yourself:


All I needed was:

  • two band pins from the old band
  • a used buckle from a old watch
  • and some yarn of course.

I took out the old band and pins from it.

I picked out a silky satin yarn in a beautiful deep green color from a ripped out sweater. I think it’s amazingly fitting with that gold color of the watch.

Then I cut 10 pieces of  yarn all about 1 meter long and I pulled it behind pins.  Folding them in half, it makes a base for knots to be made.

The bracelet is made based on this pattern, till it’s slightly more than the old band from both sides and i finished with a classic pattern. That will give me a nice space to buckle the strip without making any additional holes.  I have found that tutorial very helpful but if you are willing to  make it and have some troubles feel free to massage me or comment down below :)

BTW. This pattern makes as an awesome bracelet by itself! 

Seeing a recent trend for tassels, I tied a knot at the end of the strip to carry it to the fashion side.

To finish off, I attached the buckle to the shorter side and I tried if the strip is long enough.  Loose ends I pulled through behind the knots using a small size crochet hook.


All it’s left is to make a thin chain to secure the end of the band!

I am very pleased with the outcome. It’s a quick way to get noticed on the streets after shopping in a mal ;)


Are you trying to change up something or fix it or add something to spice things up and look different from other people? Please let me down below!


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