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by Cupri

I always have been a cheap girl. First, my family couldn’t afford things we wanted, then we didn’t want to spend our money for those things because they didnt satisfy us. So we used to make them by ourselves. Me, my brothers and my dad – who’s the untimate handyman. So I have made a magnetic grocery list holder, pen holder, bird house, shelves, and then… I really wanted a matching hat and a scarf. But never have I hold a knitting needles before… Mom! She shoved me the basics and after several months and a looot of hours, screams and even tears – I knitted a scarf.

What I don’t know, I search a way to learn it or I try and try and try until I get it right, or as I should say – get it as I want it. That’s how my passion for learning new crafts and making stuff has been born. Here I wish to share my projects, my journey and hopefully pass my knowlege on, so those who want to learn have the topic and those who look for an answers are able to get it on cupricrafts.com!

Contact: cupricrafts@gmail.com

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